Log Entries

Becoming an expert at reducing arrays in JavaScript

When learning JavaScript, one of the early challenges was understanding the higher order methods for arrays like map, sort, find, filter, and reduce. The idea of passing a function as a parameter to another function was uncomfortable. But like most things, using these methods gradually made them feel familiar, and eventually easy. It did not take me too much time to understand map, filter and sort, mostly because I had many opportunities to use them while learning React. [ read more ]

Adding a debugger component

One thing that might be useful is to have a component that exposes useful information for debugging purposes. When you add it to a specific component, it adds a small button to the component. If you click that button, a hidden div is revealed with information about that component including: [ read more ]

Publishing a Nuxt application to Netlify

Publishing a Nuxt app to Netlify is a relatively quick and painless process. There is a lot of documentation online already and the setup process on Netlify is fairly easy to figure out. However, I did run into a couple of problems when I first deployed this site. [ read more ]

Making a log index page

The next step for the log feature would be to setup an index page which would list the log entries in reverse chronological order. [ read more ]

Setting up a site log

It occurred to me that I should keep a log of the changes and improvements to this site over time. The log would record the steps I took to make those changes. So this first log entry will detail how I implemented a log entry. [ read more ]